The Loathed Holiday

Deep down, no one likes Valentine’s Day. There is no good approach to it. Single people sigh about not having someone to share it with. Those in relationships grumble about all of the effort it requires or the pressure to go all out for their significant others. If you do happen to be someone that […]

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I Can’t Take Back My Silence

Over a year has passed since an unarmed Michael Brown Jr. was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Like many moderate white people, I realized the potential prejudice that was involved in his slaying. And, like many moderate white people, I thought to myself, “Let’s not jump to any strong conclusions that black men are being killed […]

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Finding Intimacy

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.” F. Scott Fitzgerald penned that famous line in his debut novel, This Side of Paradise. Written almost a century ago, its uncommon style stands out today. For modern readers, the flow of the sentence is distinct, capturing both passion and tenderness in a way that […]

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Finding Rest in Graduation

With graduation season upon us once again, I thought I’d post a letter I wrote to several of my friends around this time last year. There are much harder things than moving on from college or high school, but it still can be a confusing time. I pray this would comfort any recent graduate embarking […]

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